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New Year Message to the People of Iran

March 21, 2001

In the past year, the people of Iran have publicly demanded the Islamic Republic's overthrow; the leaders of this reactionary and inhuman regime have realised that their days are numbered. The past year has been a year of awakening and hope for us, and a year of fear for them. A strong people's movement has begun, which aims to end this twenty three year old nightmare.

Hoping that this is the regime's last year, that we will overthrow Islamic reaction and capitalism in Iran, and that we will celebrate the establishment of a free, equal and humane society in the next new year, the leadership of the Worker-communist Party of Iran wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Mansoor Hekmat
Farvardin 1, 1380

The English version is a reprint from WPI Briefing.

Translators: Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya #1890en