The aims of Mansoor Hekmat Foundation

Interview with Azar Majedi in International Weekly on 9 November 2002

At the Mansoor Hekmat's memorial ceremony you announced the establishment of the Mansoor Hekmat Foundation. Would you explain the purpose for establishing this Foundation and what you have planned?

Azar Majedi: While he was ill, Mansoor Hekmat asked me to publish all his works, including published and unpublished and political and non-political works as well as his correspondences, etc. He asked me to take charge of preparing, editing and publishing his works. This request, which is very dear and gratifying for me, has placed an important task and commitment before me. It was in response to this vital task that I decided to establish the Mansoor Hekmat Foundation. With the help of many friends who have offered their support for this vital project, we will be publishing all of Mansoor Hekmat's works not only in Persian, but in other languages as well, in addition to his biography. By means of this foundation, a web site has been established to introduce him to the world and keep his supporters in contact with one another.

It is now four months since the Foundation commenced its work; what has the Foundation done and what has been planned for the near future?

Azar Majedi: One important and valuable achievement of the Foundation is the establishment of Mansoor Hekmat's site which has been set up and is headed and managed by Xosrow Davar. The site is being further developed. Up to now, this site has been a significant resource in introducing Mansoor Hekmat and the worker-communist movement. This site will be further developed to include all of Mansoor Hekmat's works over the last quarter of a century and will be accessible to Persian speakers. The English web site will be in operation soon. All his translated works in Arabic, German, Swedish, Turkish, Kurdish, Italian, etc. will be available on the site. Furthermore, via this site, supporters of Mansoor Hekmat will not only be acquainted with him as a political leader and a theoretician but will also have the opportunity to know him on a personal level. His photographs and his personal biography will be eventually published on the site. Mansoor Hekmat was very much fond of music and played the guitar and the flute. I will try to publish and add some of the music he had composed and played on the site. This site will be a window to a great and unforgettable man, which has been opened to his supporters by the tireless work of Xosrow Davar.

Another activity of the Foundation has been to commission his bust and memorial. As we announced in the commemoration ceremony, his tomb will be opposite of Marx's memorial at Highgate Cemetery in London. Up to now the Foundation has published a short biography written by Hamid Taghvaie, a volume of his selected works in English and several posters. Volume 6 of his works in Persian, which Mansoor Hekmat himself had began editing has now been completed and is currently with the printers. This volume will be available on the 11th anniversary of the Worker-communist Party of Iran at the end of November. It can either be bought at the 11th anniversary of the Party or ordered directly through the Foundation. We are in the process of preparing volume 7 and then volumes 9 and 1 respectively. Downloading, editing and publishing Mansoor Hekmat's speeches are part of our immediate action plan. Mansoor Hekmat's works are being translated in English, Arabic and German. In the next few months, volume 2 of his selected works in English, a selected works in German and Arabic will also be published. Videos of Mansoor Hekmat's speeches in Marx Society are being prepared for publication. We are working hard to do all this. Mansoor Hekmat, however, was such a highly productive person that to prepare and provide all of his works to the public will require much time and resources.

What expectations do you have from his supporters in achieving what you have set out above; what kind of support and assistance would you like to have?

Azar Majedi: This Foundation needs all the support and help it can get from Mansoor Hekmat's supporters. I have received many offers of support from friends who want to work with the Foundation. One of the most basic and pressing needs is financial support. The above-mentioned projects require serious resources and an immediate and important duty of the Foundation is to raise the required funds. The Foundation needs many sponsors in order to achieve its aims. I would like to use this opportunity to invite all those interested in this project and Mansoor Hekmat to support this Foundation. The sponsorship forms are available on the Mansoor Hekmat web site. Complete these forms and send them to us.

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