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Children First
International Campaign for Children´s Rights

The Founding Document

Soraya Shahabi
Mansoor Hekmat
November 13, 1999

I. Children First (CF) is a voluntary independent organisation formed to defend the civil and human rights of children and to fight for improvement in their living conditions and social status worldwide. Children First regards the physical and emotional well-being of all children, their welfare and their free developement as the most paramount priority under all circumstances and views the position of the child as a fundamental measure of the worth of any society and culture. The way a society treats its children is the most telling testimony to its humanity and liberty. Children must come first, above any national, economic, political, ideological, religious and cultural considerations and interests.

II. Children First is an international campaign, both in its outlook and in the scope of its activities. We do not recognise any geographical, political, national, ethnic, cultural and religious barriers and boundaries to our defense of the rights of children. We see children’s rights as universal. Children First endevours to expand its activities to include as many countries and communities as possible.

III.Children First is a citizens’ campaign, a non-governmental organisation appealing to all concerned citizens. All who care about the fate of children in our society can become members and/or activists of CF.

IV. CF resorts to all means legally at its disposal, from acting as a lobbyist pressure group to mobilising mass meetings, demonstrations and direct action by people, in order to fight for children’s rights and well-being. CF will also engage in a continuing campaign to raise public awareness and sensitivity regarding the conditions of children in society.

V. CF relies first and foremost on the support and contributions of the people who share its concerns. CF welcomes, however, any assistance by governmental and non-governmental bodies that seek to support CF’s activities.

VI. CF is a non-profit organisation. As a rule, with the exception of a limited number of paid full-time officers, the activists of CF work on a voluntary basis.

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